Some people seem to think that the songs released on this website were not written by us. This is not true. We also like to make it clear that we never met a stocky, bald former lunchroom owner called Gunther, who practices monoflipper swimming as a hobby. As far as we know none of us has ever set foot in the ZanziBar. We do not believe that the so called Real Lost Atlantic People exist and hack websites to leave messages in the form of songs.

This is all a lie, as is the story that this Gunther, supposedly working as a professional diver, saw very pale, almost white people standing behind some sort of window the size of a movie screen some 500 meters below sea level while looking through the porthole of a diving bell on an inspection dive to a malfunctioning telecommunication cable about a 100 miles off the North African coast.

This is all bullshit. It is not true. It is not.